REGS pioneered and developed proprietary fully mobile, non-entry tank cleaning technology that has made the process safer, more efficient, and more cost effective for its customers. The proprietary Mobile Powered Cleaning Unit (“MPCU”) provides a competitive edge in mobilizing and demobilizing a fully self-contained tank cleaning unit. The proprietary Track Blaster allows remote-controlled cleaning of large petroleum storage tanks in the safest possible manner by minimizing personnel entry into hazardous working environments. REGS also uses the Enviro Voraxial fully automated closed tank system that is expected to become the most cost efficient system on the market. The system significantly reduces air emissions, increases tank efficiency, and reduces costs generally associated with offsite disposal of hazardous materials.

The Enviro Voraxial system allows the sludge to be re-processed to create useful refinable crude, ensuring tank operating efficiency at a far lower real cost than existing methods.