Formed in 1994, Resource Environmental Group Services (REGS) is a leading provider of industrial and facility support services to the Midwest focused on technology-based industrial services. 

REGS supplies sustainable solutions for essential environmental services (water, sanitation and waste services) to industrial customers in the United States. The Company focuses on maximizing the value inherent in industrial by-products through the recovery saleable products and recycling. It also provides environmentally sound disposal of solid, non-hazardous industrial waste.

REGS continues to work in close partnership with its customers to enhance operational efficiencies, improve reliability and minimize costs. REGS has the experience and the resources to handle projects of virtually any magnitude.

Qualified, highly trained personnel respond to customer’s needs 24/7, focused on providing the best in quality and service. REGS ensures their services are provided with the highest ethical standards and commitment to safety, quality and innovation. REGS management has over forty years of collective experience and currently has more than fifty employees, a network of three regional offices and over 160 pieces of operating equipment.

REGS’ customer portfolio includes ConocoPhillips, Suncor, Sunoco, Frontier Oil, Valero Energy, Halliburton Energy, Sinclair Oil, Coastal Chemical, Fitzgerald Railcar Services, VISA, FedEx, and Costco.