REGS also transports and disposes of industrial wastes for commercial and industrial customers. The wastes handled include substances, which are classified as “hazardous” because of their corrosive, ignitable, infectious, reactive or toxic properties, and other substances subject to federal, state and provincial environmental regulation. Depending upon the content, the material collected is either disposed of by incineration, landfill or wastewater treatment facilities not owned by us, or recycled.

REGS can convey almost any type of material or waste pneumatically with industrial cleaning vacuum equipment. This includes dry, liquid, or sludge type materials and the ability to transfer, contain, and transport low flash point materials safely with our vacuum equipment.

A comprehensive fleet of specialized service vehicles is approved to collect and transport hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes to support the facility network. The fleet includes vacuum and straight trucks. Transportation equipment and staff are based from the service centers. The fleet also provides mobile industrial cleaning services, including high and low pressure washing and power vacuuming at customers’ sites.