REGS soil characterization and remediation services comes from a thorough understanding of the complex issues associated with understanding soil contaminants and project cleanup criteria. The criterion is often determined through existing soil and groundwater standards established by state and federal regulatory agencies. We understand the complexity of determining remediation strategies to achieve clean up goals consistent with our client’s expectations and in accordance with regulatory agencies. REGS’ experienced personnel are ready to help with:

  • The development of a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) to properly delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of soil impacts;
  • The implementation of an approved SAP to gather valid data necessary to evaluate remediation options;
  • Perform cost analysis of various soil remediation options;
  • Prepare work plans to obtain regulatory approval to implement a remediation strategy;
  • Mobilize the necessary personnel and equipment to cost effectively clean up soil impacts;
  • Complete on-going field and laboratory analysis to document contaminant reduction for the subject site;
  • Arrange for and complete the proper off site treatment and disposal of contaminated soil;
  • Complete final sampling of impacted areas to demonstrate the successful removal and/or reduction of contaminates from the subject property.

  • REGS can work directly with regulatory officials and staff from state environmental regulatory agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the successful completion of projects involving soil remediation.