Following REGS incorporation in 1994, the founder and current President, Michael Cardillo initially concentrated on changing the way large petroleum industry tanks were cleaned. Mr. Cardillo’s previous experience in the environmental and petroleum business lead to his understanding that old tank cleaning methods were labor intensive, hazardous to workers, and did not promote product recovery. REGS introduction into the environmental and industrial services business was lead by the design and development of a non-entry tank cleaning system that maximizes product recovery, reduces off-site waste disposal, and is safety oriented.

The success of REGS continues to be driven by the wide acceptance and use of their "Mobile Power Cleaning Unit". REGS continues to refine and improve the system and have gained client loyalty through the completion of many successful projects. REGS system offers obvious advantages such as safety, product recovery and waste minimization. The system is adaptable to various commodities (crude oil, gas oil, asphalt, etc.) and can be used on a wide variety of tank sizes and configurations. We have worked for many of the major petroleum refineries such as Conoco, Valero, Sinclair, and Frontier.

In support of their continued success, REGS has expanded their suite of services to become a full-service company that can support client’s project and consulting needs. REGS has purchased vital equipment such as vacuum trucks, "Supersucker" trucks, end-dump trucks, and excavation equipment. In addition REGS has full time regulatory and waste management experts that assist clients with audits, training, waste minimization, and permit applications or modifications..