REGS affiliate Tactical Cleaning Company (TC2) is a premier provider of service solutions to the railcar industry.  TC2 currently operates three railcar cleaning facilities offering state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, the latest in technological treatments, and quick, efficient turnaround to the railcar industry. Located in Denver, Tulsa and Omaha, TC2 provides its clients with interior and exterior railcar cleaning, transloading of various commodities, standard maintenance repairs, and the testing and certification of client’s fleets to be compliant with today’s industry regulations.

The railcar industry is challenged in recruiting and retaining trained personnel. Generally, this is creating increased turn around times of the railcar back to the customer.  TC2 has used this condition to its advantage by drawing on REGS labor force at times and consistently turning around cars much quicker than the industry average and the customers’ expectations resulting in increased customer satisfaction and rail car traffic to its facilities.

T2C is currently in partnership with Creative Railcar Marketing Services, REGS’ Chicago based marketer, to respond to the ever increasing demand for additional facilities to provide railcar services. With the recent merger of Tactical's operations with Redrock Oil Sands, Inc. the Company is now poised to capture additional railcar cleaning opportunities including:

• Fast Track Facilities
• Fixed Locations
• Plastic Cleaning Facilities
• Flare Facilities