Resource recovery involves the treatment of wastes using various methods, which effectively remove contaminants from the original material to restore its fitness for its intended purpose and to reduce the volume of waste requiring disposal.

REGS operates treatment systems for the reclamation and reuse of certain wastes, particularly solvent based wastes generated by industrial cleaning operations, metal finishing and other manufacturing processes. Spent solvents that can be recycled are processed and are distilled into usable products. Upon recovery of these products, REGS either returns the recovered solvents to the original generator or sells them to third parties. Organic liquids and solids with sufficient heat value are blended to meet strict specifications for use as supplemental fuels for incinerators, cement kilns, industrial furnaces and other high efficiency boilers.

REGS provides a wide range of environmental remediation services to industrial and government-sector clients offering a range of services from small- quantity waste handling to major site cleanups. REGS' in-depth knowledge of remedial treatment and construction techniques, health and safety procedures, and applicable regulations enable them to develop and implement suitable cost-effective remedial alternatives.

REGS employs a seasoned staff of environmental professionals trained in the most advanced remediation techniques. REGS staff includes construction managers, waste transportation and disposal experts, health and safety personnel, and environmental technicians. Their management and supervisory personnel average more than 15 years of environmental, construction, and project supervision experience. They are committed to working closely with their clients to ensure that their efforts meet work plan, schedule and budget objectives.

REGS experience includes remediation of soil, groundwater, and facilities containing a wide range of contaminants. Services include turnkey excavation, removal and site restoration. They include demolition activities, as well as comprehensive waste management services including profiling, manifesting, transportation, and disposal. Underground Storage Tank (UST) services include permitting, tank removal, removal and treatment or disposal of contaminated soil and groundwater, on site shearing and tank disposal or recycling. Turnkey asbestos and lead-based paint remediation services cover surveys, design, and remediation, including encapsulation or removal and disposal.