Resource Environmental Group Services (REGS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER).  Founded in 1994, REGS provides industrial and environmental services to the petroleum industry, various industrial and manufacturing clients, medical facilities, universities, government entities, and environmental and consulting firms in the Western United States.

REGS utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to provide the most efficient and environmentally safe services in the industry.  As the developer of the first non-entry closed-loop cleaning process for stationary tanks, REGS can provide the lowest cost cleaning options for your tanks, as well as offer additional savings in down-time and waste reduction.

REGS’ experience and knowledge in dealing with a myriad of environmental regulations can ensure that its client companies’ environmental programs are proactive and compliant.  REGS offers its clients flexibility by providing turnkey project services or supplemental services on an as needed basis.


Tank Cleaning
Railcar Services
Refinery Services
Dewatering and Centrifuging

Environmental services environmental

    Soil & Water Remediation
    Compliance Services
    Environmental Construction
    Transportation Services